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Dreams, impressions and imagination as inexhaustible resources for self-renewal, meaningful work, and productive life. Listen to Oxana’s interviews with psychologists, Jungian analysts, poets, writers, and artists sharing their stories and moments of transformation. The podcast is designed to ignite wonder, strengthen your imagination, and deepen your zest for life.

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Oxana is a founder of Encounters with the Soul podcast, Jungian-informed and Big Leap coach, co-author of Shake It Up! journal, and dream analyst.

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Podcast Vision and Mission


To create a world of beauty and meaning by affirming the reality of the soul.


Encounters with the Soul is a learning platform that serves a worldwide community of those who seek depth, beauty, mystery and meaning. Encounters with the Soul empowers its community members to express their being and lead from their soul by providing valuable resources, offering individual dreamwork sessions, and inviting the best presenters and bloggers. Beyond its own creation, Encounters with the Soul partners with other like-minded centers and organizations to develop and champion deep soul connections that further enable its own mission.