Dreamwork will help you deepen the meaning of your work & life.

As our body is built to heal its wounds, so our psyche is designed to balance itself through our dreams and imagination. Book Your Dreamwork Session and we’ll explore your dreams together.

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Increase their productivity and creativity.

Be more excited to go to sleep.

Stop having nightmares and see their transformative power.

Work through your anxieties.

Feel more confident in your decision-making.

Unlock the deepest wisdom you have.

Accelerate growth and amplify healing.

Dreamwork Helps

Dreamwork is
perfect for you if...

You have courage to know yourself deeply - both your shadow and your unique gifts.

You want to follow the calling of your soul, rather than the agenda of your ego.

You want to live a meaningful and interesting life.

You want to reclaim your personal authority.


Dreamwork Session.

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I am a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). Before becoming my dreamwork client please read Code of Ethics.

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How it works


Type your dream, or an episode of it. You can follow How to Record Your Dream Guide. Email me your dream a day or two before our session. For your session make sure you are in a quiet place without interruptions. Driving is not allowed during your session.


I will guide you through your dream, by inviting you to notice images, characters, and feelings that arise. It is a deliberate process and every session is unique. Most likely, we’ll be able to explore one or two dreams during one session.


Based on your discoveries, you’ll receive a “homework”. It could be a question to wonder about or a feeling to feel. Most clients love those prompts as their discovery keeps unfolding long after the session. We’ll start our next session by looking at your “homework”.

I once read a quote that said dreamwork is like mining your subconscious for diamonds. This is how I experience the process with Oxana as my guide into this fascinating world. I started exploring my dreams because I wanted to become more aware of what is going within me at a time when it was critical to reinvent myself. Oxana is a gifted facilitator who uses her intuition, expertise, and access to self-exploration tools to powerfully support me with translation of the language of my dreams. It is great to uncover my true potential this way.


My dreamwork with Oxana helped me understand some inner struggles that I've had over the number of years. It also helped me to accept the fact that it is fine not to know. As a result, I managed to connect to my soul and heart on a deeper level and give in to things/decisions in my life that I'd resisted for a long time. All that led to a more peaceful and content me.


Through my dreamwork I understood, and Oxana strongly supported this understanding: one needs to go on, not lingering indefinitely in a place of tears and sorrow, one needs to go on and use those sources of joy and energy, which are within us and which our dreams tell us about. There were precious moments when we discussed the science and theory behind dreams - I loved that.


Oxana has definitely been instrumental in helping me to empower myself to get my life back where I want it to be. She has an extremely humble, unpresumptuous, yet curious presence as a life coach, and I greatly appreciate the tone with which she approached my issues.


Oxana is a deep thinker and asks fabulous questions that enrich connections.


Oxana is one of the most tuned-in intuitive people I've ever met, able to relate on an emotional level extremely well.


Here are the words to describe Oxana and our sessions: awareness, safe, supportive, encouraging, genuine, innocent, spontaneous, non-judgment, accepting.


Sometimes my dreams are more interesting than my life. Sometimes, on the contrary, my life is brighter and richer flavored than my dreams. As to the dreamwork with Oxana, it was always fascinating.


If you are ready to bravely and honestly meet yourself and clear away limiting debris, Oxana will meet that willingness with her gift of helping you to draw out and honor your own unique gifts.


Oxana did a stellar job with the questions that she posed and particularly with the way she pulled my responses together. I am very impressed! I am glad that I did the work. I feel a huge relief.


Thank you for making such a safe place for me to cry, to laugh, and speak without fear. Thank you for teaching me to grow up and grow my confidence. Thank you for holding my weight, my doubts, my fears, my rebels and saboteurs.


Oxana is direct, no-frills to the issue. Which for me is refreshing and authentic. She's not a small talker.


Oxana’s sense of humor and generosity, her fearlessness for accompanying me to the deeper recesses of my fears have helped to clear up important issues and re-design patterns of thought that have brought me much relief, better understanding and more joy and confidence in relationships and social interactions. This is for life!


The Study of Dreams
a very brief overview

Sigmund Freud

Freud stated, “The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.” His book The Interpretation of Dream is considered one of the most important books of the 20th century. Freud asked his publisher to date the book 1900, because he wanted it associated with the new era of introducing the depth dimension to treating the sufferings of humanity. Freud believed that dreams help express our wishes and desires that we pushed underground. He wrote, “On my way to discovering the solution of the dream all kinds of things were revealed which I was unwilling to admit even to myself.”

Sigmund Freaud

Jungian Theory

Carl Jung saw dreaming as a spontaneous process of the psyche towards its own healing. Opposite to Freud, Jung believed that dreams reveal more than they conceal. Dreams are a part of the creative ongoing dialogue that we’re invited to. It’s as if our true self communicates to us what’s really going on. Author June Singer wrote, “The unconscious presents a point of view which enlarges, completes, or compensates the conscious attitude.” Dreams are important for the development of the personality – a process that Jung called individuation.
Working with dreams and active imagination are two foundational tools of the Jungian psychology.

Carl Jung

New Studies

There’s a massive interest in the role that sleep and dreams play in maintaining our mental health. Recent advances in neuroscience allow major universities conduct sophisticated sleep and dream research. Scientist approached dreams mostly from a physiological perspective, but even the most skeptical ones agree that dreams may be a way of processing emotionally relevant information. More research is needed to better understand REM and the functions of dreams. Authors and journalists, who do their independent research, talk about the life-changing potential of dreams and encourage us to become dream interpreters ourselves.

New studies

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What if I don’t remember my dreams?

Dreams are illusive. Sleep research tells us that we average up to six dreams per night. That’s 42 a week. 
Often when you make a conscious decision to remember your dreams, you’ll start remembering some snippets of them. Write those snippets down. Sometimes they help remember the whole dream. Learn more from How to Record Your Dreams Guide. 
If you don’t remember your dream, you can still have a session. We will explore images, symbols and fantasies that are important to you.

Where does a session take place?

Your session will be online. We meet on Zoom or Skype.

How long is a dreamwork session?

45 min. It takes about this time to explore one-two dreams. Though the meaning of the dreams often keeps unfolding over the time.

How much does a session cost?

My rate is $150 for a 45-min session

Do you offer packages or discounts?

Generally, I don't offer discounts. Still, you can email me and describe to me why you would like to get a discount.

Where are you based?

I live in Washington, DC. It’s the same time zone as New York, EST, Eastern Standard Time.
But don’t worry about time zones, I work with clients from all over the world.

Can I contact you in between sessions?

Yes, you can always send me an email. I respond within 48 hours.

How soon can we get started?

You can email me at oxana@soulatplay and inquire about my availability. You can also use the form on this page to type your dream. I'll respond within 48 hours.