My Commitment

I am committed to creativity, beauty, depth, wonder and innovation. 

Why Conscious Global Living?

This website is created for people who have more than one home.

As the world is pulled into two opposite directions - becoming more global and at the same time withdrawing behind closing borders we need tools and skills for living and relating consciously.

There are more and more people who identify themselves as citizens of the world, transnationals, and cosmopolitans. We believe that the numbers will only grow.

“The assumption that people will live their lives in one place, according to one set of national and cultural norms, in countries with impermeable national borders, no longer holds. Rather, in the 21st century, more and more people will belong to two or more societies at the same time….” - Migration Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.

So how can we create “the home within”? What skills are required for easy transition? What global living style means for our close relationships? How can we live in our zone of genius no matter where we are in the world?

The Conscious Global Living project offers a wide variety of perspectives, inspiring interviews, playful explorations to ignite your creativity and imagination so you could identify what is uniquely true to you in this fast-changing world.


I was born and grew up in Novosibirsk, Siberia. I made several big moves in my life - from Siberia to Moscow, then to Germany, and then to the United States. Though I covered a pretty big chunk of the globe, I think of myself more as an explorer of inner terrains.

I love discovering the intricate patterns of human psyche and close relationships. I was privileged to learn from brilliant transformation experts, such as Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Tara Brach, Mark Matousek, James Hollis, and many others.

While in Russia, I worked as an interpreter for American and British therapists and spiritual teachers. When Russia opened up to international business I also worked for a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development project that supported small businesses in Russia. Later this work inspired me to learn video production and create an award-winning video podcast. I traveled to Africa and Latin America to interview small entrepreneurs and banking experts and, besides a weekly video episodes, also created several training videos.

I am a working mother with three children, and together with my family I live in Washington, DC. I still love producing videos - such as the ones on this site. I like reading, creating haiku poems, listening to Leonard Cohen’s songs, theater and expressive dance.

Snapshot of My Education and Experience

Oxana Holtmann, MA, CPCC
Conscious Leadership and Relationship Coach

Founder of the Conscious Global Living project
Jungian Studies Reading Seminar, A Two-Year, Certificate-Bearing, Advanced-Studies Program
Certified Transformation Leader Graduate, The Hendricks Institute: Foundation for Conscious Living
Certified Relationship and Big Leap Coach, The Hendricks Institute: Foundation for Conscious Living
Certified Co-Active Professional Coach, Coaches Training Institute, International Coach Federation
Co-Founder of Microfinance Podcast, the microfinance video library
MA in Chinese Studies

My Coaching Approach

My role as a Conscious Leadership and Relationship Coach is to offer you a reliable path for personal empowerment, nourishing your relationships and discovering your creative abilities. I do this by providing you with state-of-the-art coaching tools and resources.

The tools include experiential activities and presencing techniques designed to create the flow of energetic aliveness, clarity and new possibilities. I tailor the resources to match your particular life situation so you can easily apply them in your everyday life.

I invite you to use your body and emotional intelligence as your allies in making choices that resonate and work for you. I also assist you in creating structures to support your creativity.