• Your voice has magical qualities. Thank you for shining the light of your consciousness and bright mind upon us.
    — Gay Hendricks | Psychologist, Writer, Founder of the Hendricks Institute
  • Oxana, your workshop resonated with me because it went to the core of my being...
    — Brenda, client
  • At a time when I was feeling stuck in my life, lacking both skills and ideas, Oxana helped me make an essential decision that has opened up the future and brought back joy and purpose.
    — Claire | Client
  • Oxana, your great ideas encourage others (and me) to see our genius.
    — Laureli Shimayo (Conley) | TriveWise
  • I was coached by Oxana for four months. Oxana was with me every step of the way. She was totally present, and her approach was honest, supportive, and creative.
    — Michelle | Client
  • Here are the words with which I would like to describe Oxana and our sessions: awareness, safe, supportive, encouraging, genuine, innocent, spontaneous, accepting...
    — Martin | Client
  • Oxana has definitely been instrumental in helping me to empower myself to get my life back where I want to be. I especially love how she introduced me to two of my personas.
    — Sarah | Client
  • Oxana is one of the most tuned-in intuitive people I've ever met, able to relate on an emotional level extremely well.
    — Colleague
  • I see Oxana as naturally seeing the underlying meaning of any situation. She is especially skillful in her capacity to see situations from different perspectives...
    — Colleague

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