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I 'm Oxana -


I'm here to assist you in creating a fulfilling professional and personal life. I'll generously share with you powerful conscious living and loving tools so you can master any life transition with more ease and joy.

I live in Washington, DC, the city of hundreds international organizations. As a result, many of my clients are globally mobile professionals and global couples. I also lead a Creative Nomad Group - a community of expat spouses who want to rediscover themselves professionally by using personal leadership tools.

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“Shake It Up” is a journal that inspires your creativity, vitality, and robust sense of wonder. Become smarter, more resourceful and innovative, and enjoy life as a magnificent adventure.

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"Wonder and curiosity are powerful tools.  We used them to create several multi billion dollar businesses. The Shake It Up! journal helps you push your limits, challenge your old beliefs, and discover the world around you in a whole new way."
- Jeff Hoffman, Serial Entrepreneur, Experienced CEO, Worldwide Motivational Speaker, Board Advisor, Film and Music Producer