The Tastes of Love

His love was like plain, zero fat yogurt. Healthy, consistent, unassuming. First, she didn’t know what to make out of it. It was so dull…

After two uneventful years, she started adding some blueberries into it. That brought her excitement, so she experimented further. All sorts of fruit, exotic goji berries and nuts – those were her first steps to fulfillment. She felt hopeful and courageous.

Now, after twenty years together, she uses his love to fluff up waffles, stir into alfredo sauce, make roasted vegetable spread, swirl into hot soup, make frozen pops, add zing to a fried egg sandwich, blend a creamy cocktail, whip up an avocado smoothie, and smear on fish. She applies it to her face to improve skin clarity, substitutes hair conditioner with it, and even gives it to her dog for a shiny coat.

Last week, as they sat down for dinner, it suddenly occurred to her that she never knew how her own love tastes.

Some ideas in this story came from:
Yogurt is not just for breakfast!

December 29, 2020