Good Words

Sometimes words get in the way. They are too literate to express the subtleness of our positive emotion. Or maybe we just need to practice saying them more often.

Words can be tremendously nourishing. Yet many of us have little experience in expressing tenderness or the feelings of appreciation and admiration. Without practice, our words may come out as half-baked cookies.

I’d say, don’t worry if others think you are tongue-tied, inarticulate, or incoherent. Risk being misunderstood, stared upon, and awkward. Choose to practice expressing your heart-felt feelings, otherwise your appreciation of other people will be forever buried inside you.

Most of us are masters in blame and criticism. Very few are masters of genuine appreciation. It takes time to become comfortable with and good at saying out loud positive things to other people.

If you practice enough, you’ll become more natural and eloquent in your expression. But first, you need to give yourself permission to start saying more good words.

December 27, 2020