Confronting a Dragon

The time will come when you have to stand face to face with a dragon.

The dragon may look like your boss, colleague, or family member. But let’s not be deceived by this resemblance. It IS a dragon. It spits fire, bulges its eyes and is really threatening. It’s impossible to calm the dragon down.

Suppose you are in a meeting room or at a party and can’t run away without embarrassing yourself. What do you do then?

Confronting a dragon is a big deal. First, appreciate yourself for inviting this opportunity into your life. There might be a treasure here. Remember, dragons are known for guarding treasures.

Then, start using your magic tools. You’ll need them to deal with the dragon:

- breathe deeply into your belly – it is your sword that cools down the dragon’s fire;

- name your feelings: scared, angry, sad (silently or out loud) – this works like a magic word that puzzles the beast to your advantage;

- keep your eyes on “what’s the gift here?” – they are your magic boots that give you much more space to maneuver.

These three things are so powerful. Give them a try. The fact that life has brought you face to face with the dragon tells me that you can conquer it.

December 26, 2020