"Your voice has magical qualities. Thank you for shining the light of your consciousness and bright mind upon us."

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. | Psychologist, Writer, Founder of the Hendricks Institute, Ohaj, California

"Oxana helped me to understand the underlying reasons for the issues I have with marketing myself and my business. She gave me several directions I can explore in facing the issues and modifying my behavior. It was extremely helpful. The coaching session was very productive, comfortable and fun. Thank you Oxana!"

Viktoria | Client, Washington, DC

"I see Oxana naturally seeing the underlying meaning of any situation. She is especially skillful in her capacity to see situations from different perspectives, and offering surprising insight into a sort of archetypal language. The way she sees things, and puts words together is incredible richly textured."

Andrea | Client, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Oxana, your workshop resonated with me because it went to the core of my being--not as a spouse or a freelancer or whatever other role I'm expected to play with every new move. But it was simply about being me and affirming my core, which in turn, helps me flesh out my other roles."

Brenda | Workshop Participant, Washington, DC

"At a time when I was feeling stuck in my life, lacking both skills and ideas, Oxana helped me make an essential decision that has opened up the future and brought back joy and purpose. Thanks to her gentle yet unwavering, genuinely caring and fully committed support, she has encouraged me to reach out for possibilities.  Her sense of humor and generosity, her fearlessness for accompanying me to the deeper recesses of my fears have helped to clear up important issues and re-design patterns of thought that have brought me much relief, better understanding and more joy and confidence in relationships and social interactions. This is for life!"

Clair | Client, Maryland

"Oxana's willingness and confidence to dive deep and stay with a topic is an example of her competitive advantage."

Ronda | Client, Boulder, Colorado

"Oxana, your great ideas encourage others (and me) to see our genius. You reflect us back, showing our beauty and essence.  You do this in many creative forms, playful, inspiring, elegant... You are brilliant, refined, and you intimately share your learnings.  And now your passion is publicly flowing, too!"

Laureli Shimayo (Conley) | founder of ThriveWise, Denver, Colorado

"Oxana is direct, no frills to the issue. Which for me is refreshing and authentic.  She's not a small talker."

Michelle | Client, New York

"I was coached by Oxana for four months when I was facing into a scary time. I was terrified of running out of money before I could support myself. Oxana was with me every step of the way. Her approach was honest, supportive, and creative. I became more and more comfortable with not knowing. Unexpectedly, I was hired by a company, and I feel facing my fears with Oxana allowed this opportunity to emerge for me. I am grateful that Oxana was with me on this journey, and I recommend her coaching service."

Michelle | Client, Oxnard, California

"Oxana accurately picks business markets for her work; she seems to have great loyalty with clients, which I see as one key benefit from true emotional attunement.  People want to talk with Oxana, they seek her out."

Robert | Client, Chicago, Illinois

"Here are the words with which I would like to describe Oxana and our sessions: awareness, safe, supportive, encouraging, genuine, innocent, spontaneous, flexible, non-judgement, accepting."

Martin | Client, Chicago, Illinois

"Oxana is a deep 'thinker' and asks fabulous questions that enrich connections."

Lisa | Client, Washington, DC

"Oxana has definitely been instrumental in helping me to empower myself to get my life back where I want it to be. I especially love how she introduced me to two of my personas.  I have benefited from getting to know them and recognizing them.  I really appreciate the homework assignments and the way Oxana made herself available via text or e-mail between sessions. Oxana has an extremely humble, unpresumptuous, yet curious presence as a life coach, and I greatly appreciate the tone with which she approached my issues."

Sarah | Client, Denver, Colorado

"I've experienced Oxana using both emotional attunement and strong intuition to see both the larger picture, and the details, intuitively offering gems of wisdom to others.  I see her synthesizing a variety of 'information' (stories, varied resources, her own experience, and deep wisdom) as she weaves offerings to others rooted in love."

Leslie Chertok | Colleague, Tacoma, Wayoming

"Oxana is one of the most tuned-in intuitive people I've ever met, able to relate on an emotional level extremely well."

Michael | Client, Toronto, Canada