You Want to Have This One in Order

This is a story that starts with a panic but ends with a happy resolution. I hope after watching the video below you won't repeat my mistake! But just in case, there's also a practical checklist for your peace of mind.

When summer break comes close we are often so with the "end of the school year" events – farewell parties, kids’ recitals and final games, annual evaluations, completions and celebrations at work. We go through packing lists, count days till our summer trip and imagine how we will reconnect with our family of origin.
No wonder that sometimes the most important and obvious things slip out of our attention!

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Download the Travel Documents Checklist - that's what I use now when I'm getting ready for a trip.

Has something like this happened to you? That nerve-racking moment when you realized your visa is expired? And you won't have time to renew it before the trip. Or the terrifying moment when you are hours away from leaving for the airport and you can't find your passport?

How do you keep track of all your travel documents? This is my solution: Travel Documents Checklist.

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Oxana Holtmann is a Conscious Living coach and an advisor to globally mobile professionals and their life partners. She is the founder of Oxana Holtmann International, a coaching platform that promotes true homecoming through mindfulness, body intelligence, wonder and co-creativity at work and in relationships. Oxana loves writing, discovering and disseminating practical wisdom, and noticing everyday beauty. Oxana grew up in Siberia and now lives with her family in Washington, D.C.