Get Your Free Chocolate

Get Your Free Chocolate.jpg

This morning at around 10:30 AM I had to rush to Whole Foods to buy some flour for our traditional Sunday pancakes.

When I came up to the cashier, he said, “Good morning.” I looked at him—a big young dude—our eyes met for a second and I echoed, “Good morning!”

He bagged my groceries, including the flour, and as I was ready to leave, he suddenly handed me a chocolate. I thought he mixed something up. “It’s not mine. I didn’t get the chocolate,” I explained. He responded simply, “This is for you. I kept it for the first person this morning who will look at me.”

Driving back home I thought, “This free chocolate, the sweetness of a brief human connection, is always available. And it may even come with zero calories.”

So get your free chocolate today.


Oxana Holtmann

Oxana Holtmann is a Conscious Living coach and an advisor to globally mobile professionals and their life partners. She is the founder of Oxana Holtmann International, a coaching platform that promotes true homecoming through mindfulness, body intelligence, wonder and co-creativity at work and in relationships. Oxana loves writing, discovering and disseminating practical wisdom, and noticing everyday beauty. Oxana grew up in Siberia and now lives with her family in Washington, D.C.