Fighting a Dragon

The time will come when you have to stand face to face with a dragon.

The dragon may look like your boss, a colleague, or a relative. But let’s not be deceived by this resemblance. It is a dragon! It spits fire and when you cut off one of its heads, two more grow out immediately.

Scary, isn’t it? Scarier, even, is if we suppose that running away is not an option. Suppose you are in a meeting room with twenty people sitting around a brown table. Whoever the dragon is, or whatever it may be, there is no escaping. What do you do then?

Confronting a dragon is a big deal! So first, appreciate yourself for inviting this opportunity into your life! Because it’s an opportunity to grow and a path to treasures.

To deal with any dragon in a smart way, one always—always!—needs magic tools. They could be the powerful sword that the old wise man gave you some time ago, the magic word that disarms the beast for a moment, or the magic boots that allow you a swift shift in your position so you can have a better vision.

In dealing with the dragon of your life, here are my three magic tools for you:

-       Breathing deeply into your belly - it works like a sword that cools down the fire.

-       Naming your feelings (silently or out loud, depending on the dragon’s breed) - it works like a magic word and puzzles the beast to your advantage. It creates a little pause inside you so you can better decide on your next move. Naming your feelings can be as simple as saying, “I feel scared.”

-       Keeping your eyes on the treasure – it works like magic boots that give you much more flexibility and a wider space to move. You can keep your eyes on the treasure by asking yourself some questions: “Where’s the gift? What’s here to be appreciated?”

Please, don’t underestimate your ordinary-looking supporters when you are facing the dragon:

-       a little fish – it may look like a sip of water when the energy rises;

-       a bird – it could be a quick look out of the window or at any open space;

-       a rabbit – It could be an invitation to change your body posture, relax your shoulders and your jaw.

It sounds crazy to imagine the dragon as your ally. But by confronting the dragon, the process really will lead you to collect all the treasures. Remember that dragons are known to guard treasures!

The fact that life brought you face to face with the dragon tells me that you can conquer it—especially now that you are armed with magic tools.


Oxana Holtmann

Oxana Holtmann is a Conscious Living coach and an advisor to globally mobile professionals and their life partners. She is the founder of Oxana Holtmann International, a coaching platform that promotes true homecoming through mindfulness, body intelligence, wonder and co-creativity at work and in relationships. Oxana loves writing, discovering and disseminating practical wisdom, and noticing everyday beauty. Oxana grew up in Siberia and now lives with her family in Washington, D.C.