From Lucky Walks

Most of these little poems were created during my morning walks with my dog Lucky. They're my way to celebrate beauty, mystery, intimacy and depth in the world.

July, 2016


abundance of seeds
childhood limitless dreams

july 22

notice, notice
people's goodness

how many
sweet moments in a day!
bumble bee

July 19

red hibiscus
big and quiet love
gold inside

heat of july
licking moisture from the air
leaf's green tongue

july 18

patience manifesting

july 15

surprise reminder
inside the pathway cracks
small flowers

july 11

july 14

adding water to the wine
of our love

july 1

july 13

June, 2016

morning dew
evaporating coolness of
the night dreams

june 29

there's more to discover
in people & things

June 26

hydrated by the june rains

june 23

the month of June
time for completions
and good-byes

june 13

million connections
the nature is creating
one little leaf

june 28

june 28

let it ripe
it's greenness will turn
into delight

june 25

a bird pretends
she's got a broken wing
where's the nest?

june 22

you are back home
sweet summer

june 4

june 4

spit the heat of summer

june 28

too early
the leaf has fallen down

june 24

the warmth
between the skin and air
no boarders

june 21

quiet morning
with latte and cookie
in politics & prose

june 1


May, 2016


white peony
delicate and fluffy
wedding dress

may 27

in between of rain and sunshine
scattered thoughts

may 23

meditation minute
stopped the thoughts to listen
to the birds

may 19

remember your wings
they're here
to balance

May 17

the time will come
when we take pictures
of the smells

may 10

the time of drops
will I ever miss you
rainy May?

may 7

rainy morning
when irises are blooming
time drops

may 2

may 2


in May
girls in the moon light
crispy roses

may 25

and dissolving into the hundreds drops of rain

May 22

May 22

who said that
you can't blossom
when it rains

may 17

good karma
in May snowflakes get reborn
as flowers

May 12

too heavy
a dog is struggling
with a stick

may 9

a drop of rain
reflecting all the world
with ease

may 4

Martin's pic
sharp edges catching

may 1


the glass is full
and overflows with delight
peonies blossom

may 25

may 25

I guess this May
I haven't missed a single drop
of rain and love

may 21

who said that
you can't blossom
when it rains

may 17

These days
there are mostly smells and wet flowers on the ground

may 11

an old tree
every spring new buds
new growth

may 9

following the rain
letting go

may 3

back home
and the blossoms have left
space for fruit

April 8

April 8

April, 2016