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Your relationship is the foundation of your everyday life wherever you are in the world. If there’s harmony, connection and joy in your relationship you feel safe and secure to venture into the world and explore the unknown. Relocation might put a fair amount of stress on our relationship. It happens partly because both partners are often overwhelmed by too many new things. Partly, because relocation, like any other big transition, highlights the weak links in the relationship. Also, we may demand more from our relationship when we move, as it is often the only remaining familiar structure and our main point of reference. In this PDF we explore several powerful tools and techniques that are the most effective in strengthening and harmonizing your relationship. I use this PDF during my live workshops where we explore the tools in detail. Here’s the good news! As you signed in to receive my emails you’ll be the first one to know about my coming presentations and workshops.


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Audrey and Oxana introduce stimulating day by day invitations to experience life as a creative adventure. Open to any page and dive in to discover new ways to live life to the max…your way!
- Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., Author of The Big Leap

With great creativity and imagination, this journal/book invites us out of limiting patterns of thought and activity, and enhances our capacity to live and love fully.
- Tara Brach, PhD., Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

Wonder and curiosity are powerful tools.  We used them to create several multi billion dollar businesses. The Shake It Up! journal helps you push your limits, challenge your old beliefs, and discover the world around you in a whole new way.
- Jeff Hoffman, Serial Entrepreneur, Experienced CEO, Worldwide Motivational Speaker, Board Advisor, Film and Music Producer


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