Land in Your Creative Genius

How to Discover Your Creative Abilities and Use Them to Design the Life That You Want

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Learn what holds you back and how to get rid of your fears.  Master a whole new set of powerful tools to design your life path in a new city or country.

Do you feel overwhelmed by so much Unknown around you?
Do you often feel lost and lonely after you moved to a new place?
Do you doubt yourself even though you used to be a confident person?
Do you often feel like you are losing control over your life after you relocated?
Have you ever thought that you are wasting your time trying to figure out what to do next?

Know that you are not alone, if you answered "yes" to either question:  There are many reasons to feel that way when we go through such a big life transition as relocation.

Here are some obvious ones:

  1. You may not speak the local language very well or have difficulty with understanding the accent.
  2. You may not be used to a new climate.
  3. You may not be used to the local food, scenery, and the way people interact.
  4. You may miss your friends and family.
  5. You may lack the support network that you had in your country.
  6. You may or may not be allowed to work - each one of these options presents its challenges.

Many expat spouses resolve to live moderately satisfying lives, surviving through the experience rather than fully enjoying it. They give up on finding a meaningful occupation for themselves. They accept the growing distance in their relationship. They lose contact with their friends at home and have difficulty in establishing new connections.

So often we, as expat spouses, blame ourselves for not feeling happy though life seems to be so good to us. Safety and relative comfort replace the things that truly make us feel alive. We tell ourselves that it is probably the time to fully focus on our family and postpone our other life aspirations.

While this kind of thinking may be very reasonable and logical, is it what YOU really want? Do you want to spend years of your life just going through the motions without purpose and passion?

We know you don't.

You know that what you bring with yourself in a new place is something that is unique to you, unique to your culture - a special gift that can make our world a better place.

You know, deep in your heart, that though your family and your children is your priority, you also want to live into a bigger version of yourself; you want to apply your skills and your talents to an activity that is meaningful to you.  You want to fully use the opportunities that relocation offers to you.

+ Discovering What Holds You Back

What you also bring along in a new place is your lifetime beliefs; fears and habits that hold you back - often subconsciously and in subtle ways.

Oxana's teacher, Gay Hendricks, calls these unconscious beliefs "Upper Limit Problem." Our "Upper Limit Problem" is as unique as we are. It is a part of us that prefers to stay safe - not shine or stand out from the crowd.

Our "Upper Limit Problem" gets especially activated during the times of major life transitions. It holds its power over us when we are adjusting to a new life and often feel lonely and isolated.

When there's so much Unknown around us we switch on our protective mechanisms. They provide us safety but they also limit our growth.

Another factor that holds us back is that we don't have anybody to talk about our feelings. Many of us are hesitant to share our concerns with relatives and friends at home. Our lives seem so easy and privileged to them. What is there to complain about? This contributes to our loneliness and to the escalation of the "Upper Limit Problem."

We limit our fullest expression in favor of safety.
However, this doesn't have to be your story! You CAN live fully wherever you are right now. You CAN transform your "Upper Limit Problem", dissolve your fears, and set up on a new career and life path.

You can land not only in a new place but also land inside yourself - to know and value yourself and have courage to move forward.

You can have people around you who understand you, who see and hear you and who also keep you accountable for making steps towards your goals.

The amazing part is that when you dare to reinvent yourself, to leap out of your comfort zone, and to show up in the world, the world stars cooperating with you. You meet people with whom you share the same interests, you discover organizations and communities that explore the same topics and you receive help and information from unexpected sources.

That happens because each of you plays your role in the mosaic of life and what the world most wants from you is something that is uniquely yours that nobody else on the planet can deliver.

Life becomes very exciting when you have courage to own your strengths. It's when you create a career or business that is uniquely expressing your true gifts.

Your life in a new place is not a boring drag anymore. You feel passionate and purposeful. You are excited to jump out of bed every morning.

That is what Gay Hendricks in his book "The Big Leap" calls living in your "Zone of Genius." Gay estimates that the real fulfillment in life comes when we spend 70% of our time living in our Zone of Genius. If you're like 99% of accompanying spouses, you are not spending nearly enough time in your Zone of Genius to feel truly happy and fulfilled.

My goal with this workshop is to introduce you to these ideas, create a community that will support you in your highest aspirations.

"Not the ones speaking the same language, but the ones sharing the same feeling understand each other." Rumi

How You Will Benefit From This Training

If you choose to join this experiential journey, you'll:

  • Discover the particular upper limit issues that hold you back. You will learn concrete tools to transform them.
  • Reclaim your skills and gifts and get grounded in your willingness to express them.
  • Uncover the specific ways that you sabotage yourself when things are going well.
  • Learn how to dissolve your fears when you step into the unknown.
  • Discover what career and life path resonates with you the most.
  • Surface and transform the belief there is something fundamentally wrong about you.
  • Realize what state of mind and energy quality produces the biggest results for your.
  • Reboot your energy and vitality by connecting with your core life force.
  • Improve your relationships by eliminating blame and criticism and learning how to create conscious agreements.
  • Create a community of people who know you and support you in achieving your best life.

My intention is to share with you the knowledge that I have been learned from world-class teachers and practicing in my own life for the last seven years. This knowledge will serve you well no matter where you are in the world.

This is the workshop for you if you want to feel at home within yourself and live a life that is truly fulfilling and reflects who you are at your very core.

What You Will Get and How Much It Costs?

6 in person meetings
3 online sessions
Private Facebook group
Login to you Private Portal where you can find all your handouts and other resources.

Two Private In-Person Group Meetings a Month. 6 live sessions in total. Small group of 6-8 people.
Twice a month on the First and Third Monday Oxana will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies that you'll need to raise your upper limit and discover your creative genius.

By the end of the training you'll develop a holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you'll need to move forward with your projects and life in a new place.

A Monthly Private Group Call with Oxana. For this call you might be joined by other international online community members.
On the Second Monday of each month we’ll get together online for new exploration activities and live Q & A coaching. You can bring your hot topics, your persistent negative believes and questions about moving forward on your creative projects. We might have some guest speakers too.

A Private Facebook Group where you can ask other participants questions, get practical advice, and share your experiences. Other members of the international online community might join this group by request.

+ What Do Participants of the Land In Your Creative Genius Say?

"We all enjoyed the presentaion yesterday where in we discovered many things which was hidden inside us . Yes it's our mind recognizing our inner genius. It is important to learn about our genius because geniuses always have confidence, positive attitudes, faith in themselves and in their mental abilities to acheive their goals. Mental fortitude is so important especially when you are bringing something innovative to the world. Biggest aha during presentation is Life coach asked me: who do you think you are (part of play in program where I played as volunteer) and I answered 'I am a human being'...overall presentation was so informative, lively with all fun and togetherness. Thanks to you all for all the effort."
Kavitha Anandan

Why do you think it is especially important for people who relocate to learn about their creative genius?

"Relocation is an adventure at times exciting and at times intimidating. It is an excellent opportunity to reasses and reorganize your personal and professional life, expore new things, meet diverse people, discover your natural talents and your genius."
Gisele Happi

"They have to start something new anyway, so it's a great opportunity to think it all over."

Would you like to keep learning more tools, attend another workshop that will help you to discover your genius?

Of course I would like to do that! Although the session was helpful, I fear I still haven't found it..."

"In some countires, culture has gender bias hence female may not be allowed to pursue other careers. They say some jobs are only meant for men therefore as a growing female you don't even attempt to follow your passion. Sometimes as you grew up you learned that only the oldest sibling is given some privileges, this makes one feel belittled and unable to spread your wings and fly. Discovering your genius makes you feel like flowers ready to blossom. You really feel as if the sky is your only limit and nothing can stop you from living your dreams. You only need to know where to find that one little step which will lead you to your destination!"
Lydia Lango

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