"When you dare to make that leap from your comfortable zone of excellence into the unknown realm of genius, the universe conspires to help you."

- Gay Hendricks, The Hendricks Institute

I’m happy to be with you on your journey of discovering your zone of genius - your true life calling. I know from my own experience and from listening to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and globally mobile professionals, it could be quite a difficult task. It becomes much easier though if you are exploring it together with a like-minded community of people, if you're willing to learn conscious living tools and be consistent in using them.

One of the tools that had the most profound effect on my life and that I recommend to all my clients is Enneagram. Enneagram points out your unique way of interacting with the world. It gives you ideas of patterns that might hold you back from manifesting fully your creative potential.
You can discover your Enneagram Type by taking a test HERE.

You can also find many your-gift-revealing activities and road blocks in my new book-journal Shake It Up: Refresh and Rediscover Yourself through Wonder and Body-Mind Adventures

All these and many other tools we can explore together during your one-on-one coaching sessions with me or at my group trainings. I will also be adding more information to this page.

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