To know what you want to do or create in your life is a big step to success! But often something is holding us back. Here is a couple of steps that you can do right now to move foward.

First, here’s a quick link back to that thank you page for your reference. There is a lot of helpful information on that page, including some links and contacts.

Second, I’m happy to be with you on your journey of transforming your ideas into real life results. I know from my own experience and from listening to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and globally mobile professionals, it could be quite a difficult task. It becomes much easier though if you are working on implementing your idea in a like-minded community of people, if you're willing to learn conscious living tools and be consistent in using them.

Here are some of the main tools you can use:
- Identify limiting beliefs that hold you back. I can help you to learn how to dissolve them.
- Welcoming feedback. Feedback, both positive and negative, is of great value on your journey.
- Learn to create powerful Wonder questions that open you up to more creativity. There are many examples of Wonder questions in my new book-journal Shake It Up: Refresh and Rediscover Yourself through Wonder and Body-Mind Adventures
- Commit to spend 15 min a day on your creative project. Weave the 15 minutes in your daily routine, e.g. right after breakfast, right after kids leave for school.

All these and many other tools you can learn through my one-on-one coaching sessions or my group trainings. I will also be adding more information to this page.

In the meantime, consider joining Creative Nomad Group

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